Sunday, June 16, 2013

Warlord Games Panzer IV Airbrushed for Bolt Action

I posted a couple pictures earlier of my Panzer IV from Warlord Games, unassembled. Well, I've actually had it up and painted for about a month now :)

I painted the Panzer using my Grex Tritium TG airbrush and some new paints from the Minitaire line Badger Airbrush. These paints are pre-mixed with airbrush thinner (water possibly) to a consistency that are good for airbrushes. The pigment size is tiny, of course, to fit through the 0.3mm hole in the needle. I'll make a few more comments scattered within the photos below.

Warlord Games Panzer IV airbrush
 I based the model with a coat of Craven Yellow right over the grey resin. This color is a little too bright for the dark yellow the Germans used, and you can see hints of its original color in the track wheels. I wasn't too worried, though, as I tested the paint on another model and I liked how it darkened with a brown wash. I will get to that later.
Warlord Games Panzer IV airbrush
 After I applied the yellow base coat, I sprayed lines, zig-zags, and splotches with Regal Red. This red has a slight purple tint to it, but I like how it came out.
Warlord Games Panzer IV airbrush
 Over top of the Regal Red, I applied similar patterns using Swamp Ground (green).

Warlord Games Panzer IV airbrush
 I let the airbrush coats dry for a day or so, and then I went back and washed the entire model with Citadel's Agrax Earthshade. This darkened the colors, especially in the recesses and rivet holes; and gave the result you see in the pictures. After the wash dried, I went back with a beige and dry brushed much of the model. I didn't think this step would do much, but it blended the colors together very subtly and gave the edges a little highlight.

Here's a shot with a German soldier, just to give a little scale and comparison. Unfortunately, my soldiers are on such tall bases that the tank is a little short. I'm debating putting it on a scenic base to raise it up to the height of the infantry. Suggestions?

I forgot to mention the tracks! I jammed a little orange here and there, painted them brown, highlighted with grey, washed with Earthshade, etc. I also applied a little Gryphon Sepia in places on the hull to simulate oil stains and dripping debris.

That's it! So what do you think? The color scheme could also work with sci-fi tanks such as Imperial Guard. I actually can't wait to try some airbrushing on some larger Daemon models or some upcoming Eldar models. Comments are always welcome. Murphy Out.

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