Sunday, June 2, 2013

Codex: Eldar 6th Edition Warhammer 40k

I love the Eldar army and I always have. My good friend, Mike, ran an amazing Eldar army in 2nd edition circa 1996 and it went undefeated for as long as we played. Now, to be fair, that had a lot to do with exploiting the 2nd edition victory point rules. He was still a great general, and his army was just cool. What's more, they were beautifully painted. What he was able to do 15 years ago without specialty brushes, small pigment pains designed for miniatures, weathering powders, or even internet How-to's was just amazing. I'll post some photos of his work soon.

That said, I've been excited to see the 6th edition incarnation of the Eldar. Games Workshop released the new codex this weekend and I've been excitedly reading through it. With Mike's old miniatures on hand, I've determined to make myself a modern Eldar army.

My first goal is to understand the codex. What works, what doesn't, and what can I field with what I already have?

I've actually written a multi-part review of the codex over at Hubpages, where I write my more "professional" articles. Check out Part 1 by following the link below:

New Eldar Codex Review 6th Edition - Part 1

For my personal quest to build my Eldar army, I will posting here on the blog. Check back later and see what I've done. I'm dying to test out my new airbrush on some new and colorful miniatures.

Murphy out.

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