Monday, June 10, 2013

Warhammer Fantasy Tourny @ The Battlezone

The Battlezone hosted a Warhammer Fantasy tournament this pat Saturday and I went down and checked it out late in the day. I have a decent Beastmen army for Fantasy, and I played a lot 2 years ago. We all got a little bored of it after awhile and moved on to other games, but it looks like its making a comeback down at the store.

Though, I didn't play, I was impressed enough to get back into it. I only caught the last hour of the last round, but I saw some great armies. The two top armies were both Chaos Daemon armies dedicated to Nurgle. At least one army had Epidimus and they were buffing each other with every kill. It was hilarious.

I believe there were two Ogre armies, an Ork & Goblins, a Dark Elf, and an Empire army. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and I was impressed with the amenities. The Battlezone charged folks $10 for an All You Can Eat lunch consisting of basic BBQ and picnic items and I kept hearing people say it was way better than just ordering pizza. On top of that there was a raffle for $50 store credit, and of course price support for the winning teams. I'll have to get in on the action next time. Here are some photos of a couple things I saw. I apologize for the low quality . . . I might have to upgrade my phone or bring my camera if I keep this blogging thing up.

My alien jungle terrain actually on the tabletop. I think it will work great for a Lustria board with Lizardmen are released later his summer.

I know it's not Fantasy, but Cortez and some monkeys is still cool.

You dang dirty apes . . . blew up my Landraider!

Trevor's Ogre army put away after battle.

These last two photos were of an amazingly painted Empire army. I stood there for 10 minutes just admiring the quality.  I wish my phone did the pictures even the lowest level of justice.

That was it. We are in the midst of planning either a Bolt Action tournament or even *gasp* a 40k tournament later this month or next. I better get some figs painted.

Murphy Out.

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