Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bolt Action Germans

A quick post about something different. We've been playing Bolt Action by Warlord Games over at the Battlezone for several months now. Our Bolt Action crowd has gone from 2 of us, to most of the store owning an army. I'm running a German army simply by default, as a friend had a bunch of old, metal German figs he wanted to sell, so I picked them up. Here are a few photos of my Germans . . .
First, painting historicals was a new challenge for me. I cut my teeth painting sci-fi and fantasy miniatures, mostly for D&D and Warhammer games, but I'd never tackled painting something based on reality. Nearly two years ago, we started playing Flames of War and my first project was a British Airborne army: think red berets in 15mm. Those were fun, but also a pain, due to their small size.

I found that I've really enjoyed painting historicals in 28mm. Researching uniform colors, finding the right paints (or mixing my own) and then applying it all with fidelity has been tough but rewarding. What do you think of the results? As a side note, these guys had the advantage of also being used as Chaos Cultists for my 40k army! Who said my Night Lords can't have professional soldier-slaves with autoguns?

Bolt Action Germans

Warlord Panzer IV

Warlord Panzer IV contents

Bolt Action Germans up close!

So what do you think? Any interest in Bolt Action? The rules are quite interesting and I've actually been dreaming up a hybrid with 40k. The rules are THAT good, what I wish I could port them to 40k. Comments are welcome!

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