Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Night Lords Personalities

This last year, I decided to re-paint my Chaos Space Marine army into a warband from the Night Lords chapter. I've always liked them in old pictures, but I just never went that way. After reading the terrific Night Lords trilogy by Aaron Dembski-bowden, I was hooked. Here are a couple pictures of my Night Lords with same names attached.

Why would I name the cannon fodder? Honestly, I was going to write a narrative battle report, and I needed some character names. I love the thematic elements of 40k and I've always wanted to put a little more personality into the models. I wonder if it will stick. I have more models to put up, so bear with me.

 Note that these are painted in a gritty style on purpose, as I have no idea why 10,000 year old warriors would have pristine armor that is perfectly painted and color balanced :)

I haven't named my Librarian yet. He is an old space marine librarian that I have chaosed out by adding bits here and there.

My Obliterators have dedicated themselves to Nurgle. I know it's not a very Night Lords things to do, but it's been a few thousand years, so hey :)

My first airbrushed model. You can just see some of the highlights on the right side of the picture. I also did some salt weathering, if you see the reddish brown color in the recesses of the model.

So what do you all think? Suggestions, comments? Who's even reading this thing?! :) Murphy Out.

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