Saturday, July 13, 2013

Apocalypse Mission Special Rules - Review

What makes an Apocalypse battle different from a regular game of 40k? Beyond the masses of infantry and the super-heavy vehicles lording over the battlefield, it is the Mission Special Rules that make make the game stand out. I've just finished the first part of a more detailed review of the new Mission Special Rules and I think you'll like what you'll read.

My review gives an overview of the new Mission Special Rules and then dives right in to detail the Divine Intervention rules. What happens when the God-Emperor of Mankind inspires his troops to greater valor? What happens when the Tyranid Hive Mind takes control of every bio-form and conducts their actions like a grand orchestra of violence? Click the link to find out!
I would love to read some user comments, either over at Hubpages where my articles are posted or here on Forever War. What do you like? What could improve? What do you want to read about next? Get back to me. Murphy Out!

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