Friday, July 26, 2013

2nd ed. Eldar Models

Right after the release of the new Eldar Codex, I was gifted, my friend, Mike's old Eldar. When I say old, I mean 2nd edition. These are the miniatures and army he ran back in the later 1990's. I am sure some of the models will look familiar because many of these sculpts have not been updates since then . . . although they have been converted to Finecast. As old as these sculpts are, they have stood the test of time, and what's more, Mike's paint jobs are still beautiful.

Take the Fire Dragons below. Every detail on these models was hand painted.

So what do you think? His entire army was always a show stopper, and it has the honorary distinction of being undefeated Literally, he never lost a game of 2nd edition Warhammer 40k. He will freely admit, though, that this has more to do with the cheesiness of the 2nd Ed. Eldar army list than his amazing tactics. Simply put, you could run very small squads that had a lot of firepower and were worth almost nothing in terms of victory points. He would lose almost his entire army by the end of the game, but still come out on top with victory points.

He hasn't played in many, many years, so he let me indefinitely borrow his army to start a new Eldar army for 6th edition. The problem? Back in the day, you could run 3-man Aspect Warrior squads, so these men plus their Exarch (who was basically an independent character back then), only gives me 4-man Aspect Warriors squads. It sucks to be 1-man short across nearly an entire army :)

Thankfully, he does have some full squads of certain units and some quick ebay buying has given me a few more. I can run about 1,500 points with what I have. That will soon be fixed! Alright, I will post more photos of these great models soon. In the mean time, if you haven't checked out my New Eldar Codex Review, click the link below.
As always, thanks for reading. Murphy Out!

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