Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tyranid Haruspex Review

Continuing my series on new Tyranid Codex Reviews, the disgusting Haruspex is on deck! This nasty creature will eat most anything in its path, and if equipped with some Biomorphs, can get Strength 8 attacks that re-roll Wounds and create additional attacks. Yes, you read that correctly! How does it do that? Keep reading!
Here is my complete review of the new Haruspex:
Take a read and tell me what you think? It's a nasty customer that is definitely in need of a breath mint! People really are poo-pooing all over the new Tyranid Codex and they may be right. It does have some nice units, though. The trick will be getting them to play nicely together (and in Synapse range!).

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