Saturday, March 1, 2014

Got My Imperial Knights!

I was able to pick up my order from the local store last night: two Imperial Knights! I was excited to get home and start building, but it wasn't until about 8:30 that I started putting knife-to-spru. So what's inside the kit? Let's loo at photos of the box opening and then some shots of hobby progress!

First, the box is a thick cardboard. There was no celophane wrapper. There is a sliding drawer in the box, actually, and it feels quite sturdy.

Also, the back of the box has some inspirational art and a size comparison:

I'm building both knights side-by-side because I think it will go quicker that way. Once I've figured out how to build one subsection, I then switch to the other knight and quickly repeat. It's been working so far. In about 4 hours time I was able to get these built up to here:

Did I say quickly? Well, I suppose 4 hours for two kits isn't too bad. Keep in mind that this time also includes reading the instructions, snipping, cleaning, and scraping. I didn't glue the models to the bases yet, but wanted to include them for the sake of scale.

Alright, that's enough for the moment. I have more pictures coming! Questions? Be sure to check out my other 40k articles, including more pictures of the Knights and more tips on building here:

Thanks for reading. More soon. Murphy out!

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