Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Crazy: Just Pre-ordered 2 Imperial Knights!

I just pre-pre-ordered two Imperial Knights from my local independent store. I say pre-pre-ordered because our GW rep asks the owner what he think he'll need/want a few days before customers can officially order a new product. I'm nervous and a little scared, as this is the largest single order I've ever placed for a game. Ever. What am I thinking?

Here's my plan. I really like the models and my airbrush begs to be pulled out and used with such large figures. I've recently got into oil painting for glazes and using weathering powders. I've made some pretty killer models this last year and I really think I can do these knights justice.

However, I'm not made of money. Also, I don't even know if I'll be able to field these knights, as I don't own an Imperial Army of any kind. Can these knights ally with Eldar? With Orks? With Daemons?? That might be too much to ask. So how can I drop over $200 on models that I may not even be able to use?

My goal is to paint these models for the sake of painting them,and if there is interest, selling them to someone who likes the paint job. This might be to a local person at the shop, but perhaps even an Ebay store. Other than losing some hours, I can't believe that I'll actually lose money. I will also be getting great time painting amazing models, which is never wasted.

Here are a couple shots of some airbrushed models so you can see where I'm coming from.

A recent WWII StuG I painted for a friend.

A German Panzer IV for the same friend, with a few friends (protection against deep-striking Allies with melta guns, of course).

Some 40k models I've airbrushed over the last few months. I really like the Mymeara Eldar. I still need to fill in all the details, but it's not a bad start.

So back to the Knights . . . I hope you are starting see my vision for them. Why two? When it comes to airbrushing, doing two models is hardly any more time than doing a single model. Most of the time is used during set up, swapping colors, and cleaning up afterwards. I think two models will be a great time saver, and I'll either have 2 to sell, or 1 to sell and 1 to keep. We will see!

Drop me a line if you like these recent models. If you have any questions, I'd be love to help. Thanks for reading!

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