Saturday, February 15, 2014

Daemons Kill Team

I got a game of Kill Team in today at the Battle Zone. I played Mr. Ed and his Space Wolves. I've played a few games of this stripped down version of 40k and I've loved every game so far! I've switched my team up every time so far, and this time I went all Slaanesh!

My 200 points list:
  • 10 Daemonettes
  • Alluress with Lesser Gift (Warp Blade)
  • 10 Daemonettes w/ Alluress (no upgrades)
My three specialist had Shred, Furious Charge, and Infiltrate

Mr. Ed brought a pack of Wolfguard and a Lone Wolf. He had 11 men versus my 20, but each of his men were packing power armor, bolters, bolt pistol, and CC weapons. His Lone Wolf was quite a surprise with 2 wounds and Feel No Pain, with an increased stat line.

To cut to the chase, he won the game, but it was a rough victory! At turn 7 he had 3 wolves remaining and I had a single daemonette! He beat me with victory points, scoring first blood first, kill the leader, and holding two out of three objectives at the end.

The mission was Alone in the Dark; which is a scary place to be with Daemonettes running about. We had Night Fight for the whole game and several of our troops gained the Outflank rule. Funnily enough, neither of us opted to use that rule! We wanted all of our models on the board to start with!

My strategy was clear, run like hell towards his units. His strategy was a little more mixed. He positioned himself in cover and fired away, but occasionally he charged forward to deny me the charge and to engage a single daemonette before several jumped on a single marine.

I will say that my dice swung wildly. I made the first 4 invulnerable saves without even blinking. Then on the second turn with all sorts of assaults happening, I failed to score a single rending hit! I will say that the dice evened out in the end, as both of our forces were decimated, and turn by turn it was a nail biter!

My impression of Slaanesh Kill Teams is that they are fast! Having Fleet to re-roll run moves AND adding 3" to each Run makes them very mobile. Mr. Ed was surprised to see me surrounding his forces by Turn 2. It didn't matter, though. Daemonettes rely on weight of dice and scoring 6's! It works, but individually they aren't that great, but I'll take a 5+ invulnerable all day!

How have your Kill Team games been going? Pictures below.

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