Saturday, September 7, 2013

Space Marine Codex Review - Parts 1 & 2

So the new Space Marine Codex is in hand and the reviews have begun! I'm really loving the Chapter Tactics and I wish that my Traitor Legions had received the same love. Future supplements may fix this, but until then, I'll look towards the Loyalist side for inspiration of what's to come.

I've written a two part review of the new Codex, with more to come as time allows this week. So far I've covered the new army rules, Chapter Tactics, and threw in some information about Special Characters. Don't believe all the hype and rumors from before. Now we have the official rules in hand! Click the link to read my New Space Marine Codex Review!

So far I'm loving the White Scars and am trying decide about buying some bikes! Or possibly painting some army-green Raptors to do a Vietnam style marine army using the Raven Guard rules. Decisions. As always, guys, comments are appreciated. Murphy Out!

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