Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Warzone: Damnos

It's been unofficially announced that September will bring a host of new 40k products, the greatest of which will be the new Codex: Space Marines. While this will be amazing, no doubt, I was also intrigued by another release, Warzone: Damnos. As I bought the Apocalypse book when it came out, I'm interested in any other Apocalypse material. So what is Damnos?
I did a little bit of research and found the following information:
  • Ultramarines lead by Cpt. Sicarius attempt to rescue and Imperial mining colony amidst the awakening of a Necron tomb world.
  • The conflict is mentioned in the 5th edition Space Marine codex.
  • Damnos is given the full narrative treatment in the 2011 book, The Fall of Damnos, by Black Library author, Nick Kyme (of Salamanders fiction fame).
So what can we expect in the Warzone: Damnos book? I simply have to look at the Warzone: Armageddon that was included in the Apocalypse book as a guide.
  • History of the conflict.
  • Plenty of artwork for major characters and maps of the area.
  • 3+ new battle scenarios
  • Order of Battle for at least one scenario, describing the historical troops used.
  • New Strategic Asset Cards
  • Possible new Unnatural Disaster and Terrain
  • New Apocalypse Formations for Ultramarines
  • New Apocalypse Formations for Necrons
  • Possible new Datasheet for units/super-heavies.
On that last bullet, I don't expect there to be any new datasheets for Necrons, as their new super-heavies are included in the main Apocalypse book. However, they might take the pictures and stats from the Forge World Necron books, which might have things like the Necron Pylons, etc.

It's possible that the Ultramarines Formations will include models from the new Codex: Space Marine coming out in the same month. In fact, I guarantee this. So what models will be included in new formations? If rumor has it, we will see a formation with:
  • Hunter/Stalker tank (anti-air rhino variant)
  • Dreadmarine (power-armor in exo-skeleton with heavy weapons)
  • Captain Sicarius High Command formation
So there you have it! I can't wait to see the new book and see how accurate my predictions are. If you haven't read them already, I have a series of article reviewing the new Apocalypse rulebook, with new special rules, formations, and the works. You can check it out by following the link below:
As always, thanks for reading. Murphy Out!

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